• Major Shareholders

    Shareholder base of Romande Energie Holding SA (HREN)

    The share capital amounts to CHF 28.5 million and is divided into 1,140,000 registered shares with a nominal value of CHF 25 each.

    Major shareholders:

    Status at 31/12/2016 % of capital
    Vaud Canton* 38.60%
    Remaining tradeable shares 21.06%
    Vaud municipalities* 15.83%
    Romande Energie Holding SA 9.54%
    Groupe E SA 5.80%
    Credit Suisse Investment Foundation  3.60%
    Banque Cantonale Vaudoise (*for 0.87% of the capital) 3.05%
    Holdigaz SA 2.52%

    *parties to a shareholders’ agreement relating to reciprocal pre-emptive rights.

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