• AGM

    Annual General Meeting of Shareholders

    116th Annual General Meeting: Tuesday 29 May 2018 at 3:00 pm. Theater Beausobre in Morges 

    Electronic authorisations and instructions to the independent proxy

    Shareholders can now participate in votes by transmitting a proxy and instructions electronically to the independent representative. The data required for login will be sent to shareholders at the same time as the written documents concerning the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders.

    PDF Date Title
    PDF, 449KB, opens in a new window 30/05/2017 Resolutions 115th Annual General Meeting of Shareholders of Romande Energie Holding SA
    PDF, 145KB, opens in a new window 30/05/2017 Decisions Annual General Meeting
    PDF, 1.8MB, opens in a new window 28/04/2017 Invitation to attend Annual General Meeting

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