• Our Strategy

    Strategic avenues

    1: Customer focus
    We are committed to customer satisfaction, which depends essentially on the price charged for power, energy availability and service quality.

    2: Sound approach to business
    To meet our shareholders' expectations, our finances, operations and capital expenditure are managed so as to create value and provide for a reasonable return on capital over the long run.

    3: Commitment to wider public
    To heighten our reputation as a responsible corporate entity, we are committed to the three pillars of sustainable development (Business – Social – Environment).

    Romande Energie Group operates:

    • activities spanning several energy sources (power, gas and heat),
    • using a business-specific approach,
    • either on its own or alongside partners or shareholders with the same vision

    Our corporate strategy rests on three pillars, as shown in the table below.

    Pillars Goals
    Distribution grids
    • To ensure a high quality of power supplies for our clients at a competitive price.
    Generation and environment
    • To expand our own-power generation considerably and diversify our production sources.
    • To promote energy efficiency.
    Marketing and supply
    • To strengthen our leadership position on the power market in French-speaking Switzerland.
    • To ensure security of power supply. 
    • To develop client management in the areas of energy and fluid networks.

    Distribution is the vital link between generation of electricity and delivery to end-customers

    The strategy underlying Romande Energie’s distribution activities is aimed at ensuring security of supply for clients connected to the Group’s grids by transporting electricity reliably and consistently at a competitive price (grid usage tariff) in relation to other Swiss distributors.

    We will continue to invest substantial sums in order to maintain a top-flight distribution network.

    More own-power generation essential

    Security of supply and competitiveness clearly cannot be achieved without stepping up the Group’s own-power generation. Nobody today would dare to predict a lasting decline in electricity consumption in Switzerland. On the contrary, with electricity increasingly being used in place of other energy sources, consumption is tending to rise.

    As own-power generation accounts for less than 20% of its total energy requirements, Romande Energie is dependent on supplier contracts and purchases on the market to obtain the electricity necessary to meet growing customer needs.

    We have therefore decided to invest around CHF 900 million in the expansion of our own production facilities over the next 15 years, counting on a project mix involving investments in new sources of renewable energy and traditional hydropower plants as well as large scale conventional power stations.

    By 2020-25, 10% of the electricity supplied to our clients, representing 250 to 300 GWh, should come from new sources of renewable energy. We will also continue to support R&D activities related to environmental technologies, in close cooperation with Swiss research institutes.

    Energy efficiency, a strategic issue…

    Energy efficiency is another major issue for Romande Energie Group, which has developed a wide range of products and solutions enabling clients both to improve and to lower their consumption.

    In order to reduce CO2 emissions, the Group is endeavouring to position itself as a leading supplier of environmentally friendly heating systems. In particular, it offers heat pumps coupled with thermal or solar panels for producing hot water.

    …linked directly with our marketing strategy

    Romande Energie, a vital link in the supplying of electricity to homes and businesses in French-speaking Switzerland (3,000 GWh),  is looking to become a top-level player in the energy field by providing eco-energy products and innovative solutions in matters of energy performance with high added value.

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