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    Romande Energie Holding (RE) applies most of the guidelines and recommendations set forth in the Swiss Code of Best Practice for Corporate Governance (“Swiss Code”), which also guarantee companies the freedom they need in terms of structuring and organization. This is why RE, as a responsible corporate citizen, supports the Swiss Code, which it regards as an important capital-market tool with regard to the conduct and monitoring of its operating activities, enabling the creation of further enterprise value in the long term.

    RE believes that transparent corporate governance in accordance with the Swiss Code fosters the confidence of domestic and international investors, financial markets, customers, suppliers and partners, as well as its employees and the public authorities.

    Romande Energie Holding SA: Corporate Governance

    Romande Energie Holding SA: Articles of Association

    Romande Energie Holding SA: Règlement d’organisation (French only)

    Romande Energie Holding SA: Remuneration Report

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