• Corporate Social Responsibility


    At Romande Energie, we believe that social and environmental considerations must be carefully crafted into the way in which business is conducted. We honour this commitment to corporate social responsibility (CSR) by making renewable energy sources a pivotal part of generation policy, by promoting energy efficiency, and by supporting community life and cultural activities in our region. 

    A credible CSR policy has its advantages in terms of business performance. But more than that, this is simply how all companies should behave in this day and age.


    Our 2011-2020 business plan conveys a determination not to sit back and take it easy. Instead, we are ever seeking to increase our standing as a responsible corporate citizen from the vantage point of all our stakeholders.


    Seven key issues for strengthening our CSR policy between now and 2020  

    • Secure supplies and reliable grids
    • Energy efficiency
    • Eco-friendly policies
    • Attractiveness and responsible corporate conduct
    • Competitively priced services
    • Economic sustainability
    • Compliance with good governance principles


    Corporate social responsibility cannot be decreed from the top down. It is cultivated over time.






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