• Code of Business Conduct

    Romande Energie’s Code of Business Conduct is…

    A commitment by Romande Energie Group, its Board of Directors and its staff to comply with specific ethical and behavioural rules as they go about their business – both internally and in relation to external stakeholders (customers, political authorities, suppliers, industry partners and shareholders).

    By abiding by the Code of Business Conduct, we aim to:


    • Promote a healthy workplace culture through actions conveying respect for others, rectitude, openness and mutual trust.
    • Safeguard business development through sound management of financial resources, purchasing, costs and investments, an ambitious sales policy and synergistic partnerships.
    • Conduct business in keeping with environmental best practices. Specifically, this means making responsible decisions and purchases, managing grid and natural resources optimally, developing renewable power generation and promoting energy efficiency.
    • Listen to and serve customers in a way that conveys respect and integrity while offering competitive, flexible and customisable services that meet their requirements.
    • Build mutual trust through integrity, objectiveness and impartiality, while complying with legal provisions on procurement contracts and incorporating sustainable development criteria into sourcing procedures.
    • Satisfy the expectations of our shareholders and the requirements of the investment community by delivering an adequate long-run return on capital and complying with stringent rules on the buying and selling of Group shares.
    • Become a stakeholder in the communities where we are active by supporting vocational training, offering financial and logistical support to local or regional events and initiatives, and keeping the general public up to date with happenings at the Group.
    • Help our staff develop their skills and stay healthy by encouraging participation in prevention campaigns and offering in-house training that includes personal development and workplace safety.

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