• Our Vision and Values


    Our core operations are the generation, distribution and marketing of power together with energy services. 

    To both customers and business partners, Romande Energie Group offers efficient and innovative solutions while providing top-quality services and ensuring a provision of power that is reliably delivered, sustainably sourced and competitively priced.

    Our vision

    • By 2020, we aim to be in a stronger position on the Swiss market - either on our own, through alliances or via business combinations.
    • We endeavour to provide customers with superior multi-energy services at competitive prices in comparison with the Swiss market.
    • We aim to develop operations and strengthen business investment from an entrepreneurial standpoint, all the while targeting growth in value.
    • We are growing sustainably. 

    Our mission

    • We offer security of energy supply and reliable distribution to all our customers.
    • We deliver profitability in line with shareholder expectations.
    • We actively promote energy efficiency and renewable energy sources.

    Our values

    Openness – Responsibility - Innovation

    Our values take the long view. They influence how we run our projects and how our staff work – in the furtherance of the CUSTOMER-DRIVEN CULTURE that is actively fostered at Romande Energie.

    We are open  

    Openness to us means dealing with customers and business partners openly and plainly, listening to them carefully, gauging their expectations and remaining available at all times.

    We are responsible

    Exercising responsibility means understanding key issues and capitalising on expertise so that we can provide customers and business partners with solutions that are respectful of social and environmental considerations. Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is the dominant theme in everything we undertake.

    We are innovative

    Innovation means keeping an eye on future trends while working hard to find the solutions that will meet the needs of our customers and business partners – both today and tomorrow.

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    Rue de Lausanne 53 - 1110 Morges
    Phone number +41 848 802 900 / from Monday to Friday 7:30am – 5:30pm

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