• Organization

    Romande Energie Holding SA

    Romande Energie Holding SA is the parent company. It determines strategy as well as managing subsidiaries and investments in associates.


    Romande Energie's Board of Directors is chaired by Guy Mustaki. Directors represent the Vaud cantonal government, municipalities from the cantons of Vaud and Valais (Chablais region only), the business community and private shareholders.


    Romande Energie SA

    Romande Energie SA manages power generation and distribution operations of the former Compagnie Vaudoise d'Electricité (CVE) and Société Romande d'Electricité (SRE). Its headquarters are in Morges.


    The Board of Directors of Romande Energie SA is identical to that of Romande Energie Holding SA. Likewise, it is chaired by Guy Mustaki.


    Business units, divisions and departments

    Mindful of the challenges represented by full market liberalisation, Romande Energie has constituted itself as four separate business units representing the nerve centre of its operations. Each is subdivided into divisions.


    Business units are an integral part of the company but their roles and financial results are independent of each other. Our business units are:

    • Networks
    • Energy
    • Marketing (Romande Energie Commerce SA)
    • Romande Energie Services SA

    The Finance department, Human Resources department, Corporate Communications team and Corporate Secretary's office provide the support services needed for each business line to function.



    Organisation and resources

     Organisation and resources

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